Research Semiconductors
Research Semiconductors

RecResearch Semiconductors has been founded in the spring of 2021 by Radu Secareanu , with the primary objective being to put the basis of a fundamentally new approach in lossless data compresion and data encryption. The primary activity up to this point has been the IP development. Currently, with the IP being in an advanced phase, the primary focus is shifted towards the implementation of this IP. To insure effective and speedy implementation of exciting applications that will reshape fields such as digital communication, broadcast, storage, internet, entertainment, and data security, the preferred avenue is the partnership with semiconductor design houses and, for certain applications, with software houses.

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The amount of data we create, communicate, use, and store daily, and the projected increase, is astounding. Security in such digital communication and storage is, most of the time, requested, required, and implemented. Data compression represents a solution that has always been out-there, enabling to address some of these challenges, and many approaches for data compression exist. Ideally, any file, of any content, of any size, in any conditions, including circumventing information theory implied limitations, should be compressed. Since such an ideal compression behavior does not exist today, in order to reasonably manage these challenges, current solutions gravitate around a few major directions that include solutions for high capacity networking, development of complex application dependent compression algorithms, and advanced storage solutions. All these are very expensive solutions that are distributed over multiple domains, with this high cost being ultimately suported by the consumer. In addition, such solutions do not resolve the challenges at a fundamental level - they just provide a temporary fix that needs to be readdressed for the next generation and fundamentally limiting what is possible in term of applications.

The vision that is being developed at RecResearch Semiconductors is that once the data that we create, use, store, and communicate is lossless compressed to resemble the ideal compression behavior mentioned above, then the above described challenges are addresed at a fundamental level, the networking capacity requirements as well as the storage needs are greatly reduced, with consequences that include that technology becomes much cheaper for consumer while the applications become of spectacular performances, at the same time with multiple novel applications can take shape, and many of the current challenges in digital communication and storage take a completely different stance. For example, sharing high definition movies in jpeg size files, or broadcasting ultra-high resolution / raw video, or having full-band audio telephony, or having internet and social media where data and network capacity is out of the picture, or having an environment that redefines what storage capacity means and is used for, or having a default ultra-secure communication environment for everybody… imagination is the limit.

Six pending patents (with one already issued) have been filed, to enable this vision to materialize. The core IP is in the data compression / decompression, data encryption / decryption, and direct applications such as in the data communication, data storage, and data security.

Partnership with semiconductor design companies is the primary avenue for the implementation. That is because specialized chips are required in order to insure the speed and performance that is required for many of these round breaking applications to be implemented according to the patents. Of course, there are significant applications that do not require this kind of processing speed, making a software-based implementation a good and cost-effective path. Therefore, partnership with software houses for such lower speed requirement applications represent an excellent path.

Looking forward to such partnerships

Radu Secareanu, Ph.D.

  • The cornerstone of this effort represents an IP family in the area of data compression / decompression, data encryption / decryption, and applications such as for data communication, broadcast, storage, and security. The IP family currently consists of six patents that are filed, with other patents that are under development. All rights are owned by Radu Secareanu.

  • Highlights outlining the target partnership with a semiconductor design house for the development of specialized chips implementing this IP, as well as highlights on the developed IP, on the envisioned chips and on the projected market and applications for such chips, are outlined in the document titled
    "Proposed Development of Specialized Chips for Next Generation Digital Communication, Data Storage, and Data Security" .

  • June 2023: The first patent in this IP family has been issued: US 11,677,416 .

I will be delighted to hear from you.

Radu Secareanu, Ph.D.